Shop By Appointment - Toy Joy 4631 Airport Blvd.

Book an appointment to shop!  We are booking appointments for in-store shopping starting Monday May 4th.  In order to assure cleanliness of store and proper social distancing we are limiting the number of people in our store at a time.  Enjoy 30 minutes of safe shopping.  Choose your timeslot today!





FACE MASKS: To protect our customers and employees, all staff and guests must wear a mask or face covering that covers the mouth and nose when entering the store. This requirement does not apply to children under the age of 2 or to individuals who are unable to wear a mask or face covering due to a medical condition.

HAND SANITIZING: All staff wash hands when entering Toy Joy and will use sanitizer before appointments. Customers will be asked to use hand sanitizer provided with entering.
CONTACTLESS APPLE PAY is available.  Keypad of our terminals will all be sanitized between customer use.
WE ARE ASKING:  Much as we dislike the idea of taking the fun out of toy shopping, we ask you to KEEP YOUR CHILDREN in a group and with you AT ALL TIMES. Do not allow them to wander the store unsupervised and handle the toys any more than neccessary.  We know this is a big ask, but please help us keep you and our staff SAFE.
CLEANLINESS PROTOCOL:  We will be sanitizing surfaces during the day and will provide a table where items that were handled but not purchased can be placed for sanitizing.  We understand that there may be items handled that we are unaware of so advise you to use sanitizer before and after entering our environment to be safe. 
LIMITS:  We reserve the right to limit the number of people in our store and change without notice.  Currently our goal is to have no more than 10 people in our store, including staff, at any time.  That limit will be reviewed often and adjusted if needed.