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Playmobil Crystal Gate to the Winter World Play Set
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Playmobil Crystal Gate to the Winter World

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  • You hold the power to unlock the crystal gate! This is the passageway between springtime and the winter world
  • The spring Prince and winter princess use this portal to see each other as much as possible, but every time the Prince enters the winter world, His footsteps melt the ice, and you can see the flowers coming through
  • Passage through the Portal requires a special key - the jewel from the included bracelet! Kids can wear this full-size piece of jewelry to keep the gemstone safe, and when passage is required, simply unlock the gate by inserting the crystal into the lock and turning it Clockwise
  • The Gates archway is illuminated (3 x AAA batteries required) and can be decorated with the included stickers, adding to its beautiful Aura
  • Set includes the winter princess, springtime Prince, crystal gateway, life-size bracelet with jewel, rabbits, dog, Fawn, birds, and other accessories