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Texas Tumbleweed Soap Bar
Austin Natural Soap

Texas Tumbleweed Soap Bar

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Exfoliation Factor: High

Rolling, drifting, and tumblin' in the wind with nowhere to go - meet our Texas Tumbleweed!! Scented with a fresh, slightly floral, spicy blend of six essential oils, and full of lil' bits (WALNUT SHELL powder, CALENDULA leaves, POPPY seeds, ground OATMEAL, and DRIED LOOFAH), this Texas Tumbleweed is a great exfoliator. Golden JOJOBA OIL and creamy COCOA BUTTER have been added to the mix to soften your skin.

Yessir, the Tumbleweed is quite a Mother Nature success story. Originally from Russia, the "Russian Thistle" was brought here over a century ago and now it's all over, thanks to the strong winds. Keep an eye out for them along lonely stretches of highway in West Texas. Enjoy!

All Austin Natural Soap bars weigh in at a generous 4.5 ounces.