Seduced by Sound: 100 Musicians on why they make music book
Seduced by Sound: 100 Musicians on why they make music book
Seduced by Sound: 100 Musicians on why they make music book

Seduced By Sound

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A GREAT SONG catches hold of us, but how does a songwriter catch hold of a great song? And why is it that so many great songs come out of Austin? In Seduced by Sound, some of Austin’s best musicians share their stories, inspirations and influences, revealing why Austin’s music scene remains so vibrant. From the rockin’ guitars of Alejandro Escovedo to the soulful singer-songwriters inspired by legends such as Townes Van Zandt, Seduced by Sound is a snapshot of what’s happening today in the Live Music Capital of the World. 

BONUS FEATURE Each book comes with a code for downloading over 50 songs selected by featured artists.

About This Project In the summer of 2016, Weeva set out to leverage our community engagement platform by diving into Austin’s music scene. We live here, we love the music, and we wanted to know more. We’re so honored to present the result: Seduced by Sound: Austin. With the help of frontwoman and guitarist Carley Wolf of the band The Ghost Wolves, we collected stories from over 100 Austin musicians and bands about their inspirations and influences, and why they choose to make music.

The artists featured in the book run from established musicians such as Alejandro Escovedo and Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, to rising stars such as Sweet Spirit. We also gathered tributes to some of Austin’s music legends, including Stevie Ray Vaughan and Townes Van Zandt, and we took a look at where the music scene has been and where it’s going. By weaving these words together, Seduced by Sound becomes more than a book about Austin music. It’s a thank you note from musicians to the people who’ve inspired them. It’s a love letter to the city’s music scene; and it’s a gift to music fans who want to explore what’s happening today in this city humming with creativity.