Under My Skin: Drama, Trauma & Rock 'n' Roll
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Under My Skin: Drama, Trauma & Rock 'n' Roll

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Elise Krentzel’s fast paced memoir "Under My Skin: Drama, Trauma & Rock 'n' Roll" earned #1 on Amazon in new releases in all these categories: Biographies of Rock Bands, Music Business, Rock, Composers & Musicians, and Jewish Life. Elise shares how she took charge of the tumultuous 1970s by making a name for herself while still a teenager as a rock journalist. As a kid, she was encouraged by her parents to sing, play music, and write, but she wasn’t allowed to be “herself.” Alienated, she hid her heart and learned to become a stranger in her own skin as the torment of early childhood taught her to mistrust everyone, especially herself.

As an adolescent traveling in Europe, she came to realize there was more to life than sex, money, and fame. With newly instilled vigor and drive, Elise set out to break her toxic cycles, determined to become someone people would notice.
At 19 years old—the youngest journalist on the KISS Japan Tour—she negotiated a plum job with one of the biggest players in the Japanese music industry, desperately trying to fill the gaping hole left by feeling unheard and unloved by those she depended on most: her family.

Spanning three continents and twenty years, Under My Skin tells the story of a street-smart, vulnerable Jewish girl from the Bronx and how she changed her life, forever.